New Earth Yoga




In our mad world, every day we have a set of choices to make, now I know it's easy to ignore all the challenges we face as Humans and the effect we are having on our beautiful earth home, I get it, we are often just busy surviving!


A Yoga practice should always be about Bhakti (offering our practice up) and Karma (which means action)


If we speak out for anything we are often called a hypocrite, and yes, we are all hypocrites especially me, do I live as the perfect Yogi I aspire to be? NO


But we can be proactively working towards a more sustainable future, ensuring we cause as little harm as possible and preserving life for future generations.

If we can make changes in our own lives, support initiatives that are working for the benefit of the planet and inspire others to do the same, we are standing on the right side of history, if you are making changes don’t be afraid of speaking up for what you believe in.



In the words of the great Mahatma Gandhi

‘’Be the change you want to see in the world’’


I was extremely proud to be part of this short piece about the

ethical use of animals in the tourism industry.

Watch it here....

Knowledge is power, animals are not here to entertain us, please travel responsibly.

All profits from my Yoga class are donated to charities who do great work in the community.